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Michel Bouvier

I have been an antiquarian bookseller for 40 years, yet, brought up in the world of antiques, I have always thought of myself as an antique dealer specialising in books. Book dealing is like literature: everybody has their own style. Although I have the expertise for the finest objects yet even the humblest of books has a certain charm for me. My curiousity is always aroused, there is always something new to be learned and appreciated.


The Book Shop 14 rue Visconti​.

Located in the heart of Paris, Librairie Michel Bouvier is not only a shop but also a meeting place for the exchange of ideas. For this reason I no longer offer my books for sale on the major Internet search engines :  in my opinion the poetry conveyed by each copy is altered by the great mess our flat screens give us access to.

We offer part of our inventory on a website that respects customers and dealers : (link ici ).

And have started to present a small selection on


This does not prevent us from developing remote business via our printed catalogues sent upon simple request and this website where we offer some of our latest highlights. In our descriptions, I endeavour to be as precise as possible and set each copy in its historical context. To do so we rely on solid bibliographical tools which remain the basis of our cataloguing work.


We regularly exhibit at the Salon International du Livre rare in Paris.

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