Some new arrivals

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BUTOR, Michel. Histoire extraordinaire. Essai sur un rêve de Baudelaire.

Paris : Gallimard, 1961

12°, in its original wrappers.                                                                                           

First edition, one of 25 copies on Vélin d'Arches.

                                                350 euros


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STAEL-HOLSTEIN, Germaine de‎. De la littérature considérée dans ses rapports avec les institutions sociales. Seconde édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée.

Paris : Maradan, an 9 (1800)

Deux volumes in-8, (4)-394-(4)-307 pages. Veau blond de l'époque, dos lisse orné "à la grotesque", triple filet doré autour des plats.


Très élégant exemplaire.


Cette deuxième édition est en patie originale : elle a de plus que la précédente (publiée la même année) une importante préface de 26 pages, jusqu'alors inédite. L'épigraphe tirée de Volney a disparu de la page de titre.

Vicaire, VII, 649 ; Longchamp 37-3 ; Escoffier, 105.

                                                                                                   750 euros

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MASSON, André, et Daniel GUERIN. Eux et lui Suivi de commentaires et orné de 5 dessins originaux par André Masson.

Monaco : Editions du Rocher, 1962

4°, frontispice, 94-(2) pages and 5 plates. Original printed wrappers (sligntly insulated).      


First edition.

One of the first 200 copies on laid paper Arjomari (this copy is one of the 50 not for sale), only ones to have an original lithography of André Masson, here signed by the artist with a pencil. Envoi autographe signed by the author "à Barlach, son ami".

Daniel Guérin was a libertarian communist activist, anti-colonialist, and engaged in the fight for the rights of the homosexual emancipation. We attach a offprint from the revue Arcadi, dated may 1964, extracted text of a forthcoming autobiography and telling the story of his father’s "coming out", witness of the author’s homosexual adventures, when he was a young man. "Le pater familoias autoritaire et vigilant, qui m'avait harassé depuis mon enfance, faisait place à un compagnon d'infortune, à un allié, je n'ose écrire : à un complice."

                                                120 euros

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MILOSZ, O. V. de L. Le poème des décadences.

Paris : Girard et Villerelle, 1899

8°, 72-(3) pages. Sewed, printed cover. Some foxing on the paper ; presentation by the author on the half-title

 (dedicatee’s name erased).                                                                                             

Original edition of the first publication of Milosz.

                                                200 euros

SACCHINI Antonio. Oedipe à Colone Opera en trois Actes Mis en Musique par Antonio Sacchini pour Chant et Orchestre.

Paris : Imbault, s. d. (ca 1787)

Small folio, (2)-235 engraved pages. XIXth c. half sheepskin, decorated smooth spine. Restoration at the second leaf.     

Born in Florence, Sacchini spent his childhood near Naples. Chance having lend the composor Francesco Durante in Pouzzoles, the master heard popular arias by the young Sacchini and was so satisfied by the accuracy of his intonations and by his animated intelligence that he asked his family and made him enter the conservatory of Sant'Onofrio or, depending on Piccinni, at the conservatory of Santa Maria di Loreto that Durante was leading since 1742. Under his direction, he studied the harpsichord, the organ and the composition and his master predicted that he will be the best composor of the century.

He started his career at Padoue and pursued it at Rome, in Venice and in Stuttgart and Munich in Germany. In 1772, Sacchini moved to London where he lived during 10 years.


He met Tommaso Traetta in this same place.

Pushed by his money problems, he left England in 1781 and moved to Paris, where he was already famous for his operas, to the piccinist party great satisfaction, wich saw in him a possible rival of Gluck.. That didn’t stop Sacchini to be the favorite musician of Marie-Antoinette. This same year  he is initiated freemason at the parisian lodge of Saint-Jean du Contrat social.

Georges Sauvé, Antonio Sacchini (1730-1786) - Un musicien de Marie-Antoinette, L'Harmattan, coll. « Univers Musical », 2007                                                500 euros

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Tchernoff envoi.jpg

TCHERNOFF, Iouda. Le Parti Républicain au Coup d État et sous le Second Empire. D'après des Documents et des Souvenirs inédits.

Paris : Pedone,

8°, X-(2)-676 pages. Contemporary half-sheepskin, decorated spine with nerves. Offered by the author to Joseph Reinach on the half-title ; Léon Reinach’s bookplate on the first counterplate.                                                         

Moving provenance that is the one of Léon Reinach, married to Béatrice de Camondo.

                                                120 euros

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LAGERLÖF, Selma. Gösta Berling. Roman traduit du Suédois par T. Hammar et M. Metzger.Stockholm : Fritze, 1937

2 volumes 8°, full morocco decorated with golden and blind ornaments by Georges Cretté, inside covers and endpapers of tabby, golden edge, preserved cover.


Enhanced copy of 72  original watercolors of Philippe Jullian. 18 are in full page, the others as large tail and head ornaments.

Only 220 numbered copies, with Selma Lagerlöf's signature on the justification. Her two most famous novels are this one and Nils Olgerson. She was the first letter woman to won the Nobel prize, in 1909. Writer and painter, Philippe Jullian (1921 - 1977) published a Dictionary of snobism (that he knew from the inside) and an Oscar Wilde's biography. His paintings and drawings also show us the world of the Fleas, sales rooms and Flea markets.                                                                                                    2 800 €