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Some highlights


A landmark of modern skepticism

AGRIPPA, Henricus Cornelius. Déclamation sur l'incertitude, vanité et abus des sciences. Traduite en François du Latin [by Louis Turquet de Mayerne].

Paris : Jean Durand, 1582

4°, (16)-551 pages. Old vellum coloured in black (colour a bit faded). Joints slightly cracked. Upper right corner of title restored, with a few letters completed in ink. Manuscript ex libris : "Comte Adam Borzynkski, 1888".

First French edition of this famous paradoxical work, which paved the way for modern skepticism before Sanchez and Montaigne.

The work first appeared in latin in Antwerp in 1530, under the title ‎De incertitudine et vanitate scientiarum, and was placed on the Index. Though the work may have been perceived as anti-scientific, it is mainly a denunciation of abuses and injustices in church, state, and society. It is an attack on the pretensions of scholars, favouring a return to the primitive belief of the early Christian church. Subjects include music, astrology, magic, hunting, medicine, gastronomy, art and architecture.

Duveen p. 7 ; not in Adams, Dorbon and Caillet.         

2 500 € 


[DIDEROT]. GOLDONI, Carlo. Le père de famille. [And :] Le véritable ami.

Avignon, and Liège : Etienne Bleichnarr, 1758

Two works in one volume 8°, (14)-215-(8)-165 pages. Contemporary calf, decorated smooth spine.  

Original editions of the first translations in French, initiated by Diderot.

In the midst of the quarrel of the Encyclopédie, Diderot published two comedies, le Fils naturel (1757) and le Père de famille (1758), and was immediately accused of plagiarising Goldoni. To refute these accusations, Diderot decided to have two of Goldoni’s plays translated respectively by his friends Francis Véron de Forbonnais and Alexandre Deleyre. But this initiative only extended the quarrel, because these translations were published without the knowledge of Diderot and the translators, provoking a stormy "Affair of the Dedications".

Bound with :

- ASSELIN, Gilles-Thomas. La religion, poème avec un discours pour exposer les déistes à l'examen de la vérité. Paris : François-Guillaume L'Hermitte, 1725. (6)-151-(5) pages.

First edition.

Barbier IV, 244.

750 €


[SERICULTURE]. [DUVERGÉ, dr.]. Précis sur l'éducation des vers à soie.

Tours : F. Lambert, 1763

8°, 95 pages and one folding plate. Original plain wrappers. Large margins.

First edition of this sericulture manual.  

This work was undertaken at the initiative of the intendant of the generality of Tours, Charles-Armand L'Escalopier de Nourar, and meant to be offered to all those who intended to set up a silkworm farm.

Barbier III, 987.        

225 €


CHAISSAC, Gaston. Colour photograph by Gilles Ehrmann.

Later cibachrome print. 220 x 230 mm. Photographer’s signature on verso.  

The artist is wearing a mask of his own composition. This photograph is very similar to that which appears on the cover of Gilles Ehrmann’s book Les inspirés et leurs demeures, published in 1962.

1 500 €


ERNST, Max. 

Paris : Gallimard, 1970


Small 4°, cardboard illustrated by the editor.  With a word by Max Ernst to Gérard Patris, joined by a genuine drawing on the half-title. 

Gérard Patris is a film director and a french productor born in 1931 and dead in 1990. He realized a documentary about Max Ernst, (  Histoires naturelles : Max Ernst ), released in 1973. He also lead a lithographic workshop. 

900 €



PEGUY, Charles [under the pseudonyme of Pierre Baudouin]. Marcel.

Suresnes : G. Richard et Husson, et se trouve à Paris : Georges Bellais, 1898


Large in-8, (219) pages. Paperback, printed cover, not cut. 

Yellowed paper, 3 notebooks. 


Original edition, by the author itself; from the first book of Péguy. 


This "Premier Dialogue de la Cité harmonieuse", inspired by the socialists thesis, was written in collaboration with his friend Marcel Baudouin during the summer 1896. The book was  published two years later, after the death of Marcel. 

                                                                                     140 €

On the Responsability of State in the nation's education.


GUIZOT, François. Essai sur l'histoire et sur l'état actuel de l'instruction publique en France.

Paris : Maradan, 1816

In-8, (4)-157-(1) pages. Paperback, unknown cover (spent, first cover uncoupled).                     

Authentic edition of one of the first political writings of Guizot. 


The eleventh october of 1832, Francois Guizot becomes the seventh Minister of  Public Education under the July Monarchy. He is, at the time, one of the most well-known specialist of educational questions;

In 1815, Guizot has to take the defense of  the University. He states his principal ideas in the first page of his essay : " The State gives education and instruction to whom wouldn't receive them without it, et takes over the mission to obtain it to whom would like to receive it ". « L’Etat donne l’éducation et l’instruction à ceux qui n’en recevraient point sans lui, et se charge de les procurer à ceux qui voudront les recevoir de lui. »

Quérard III, 549.