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Vintage photographs

HEMINGWAY, Ernest. Photograph by John Bryson. [Ca 1955]

250 x 350 mm.

Vintage print. Photographer's stamp on verso.        

1 200 €

KISLING, Moïse. The painter photographed with his wife (on his right) and friends in his New-York studio, by Sanford H. ROTH.

[New York : ca 1944]

Vntage print on cardboard on which is the phtograph's signature. Photographer's stamp on verso.

Sanford Roth's photographs became synonymous with a sense of quality and intimacy capturing unreachable celebrities and artists in moments when their guard was down.

3 500 €

Queen Elizabeth in Paris, May 1948.

180 x 240 mm

Stamp of "Associated press" on verso.

She receives the "Légion d'honneur" as she is 22.

350 €

We join a photo, same moment, same size, same provenance, showing Prince Philip receiving "Légion d'honneur".

KHALDEI, Evgueni. Yves Montand and Simone Signoret in the street in Moscow.

Moscou : july 1963

Vintage print. 300 x 270 mm. Stamp, signature, Khaldei's autograph legend and date on verso.

The couple attended  Moscow's IIId  International film festival.

600 €

HOFFMAN, Dustin, and Jon VOIGHT. Photo taken during the shooting of "Midnight Cow Boy" .


256 x 203 mm. Vintage print, dactylo legent on verso.

250 €